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08/14/10 08:07 PM #2    


Jim Templeton (Templeton)

It was great to see and talk with many of you Friday evening.  We were unable to attend the Saturday night party but hope you all had a great time.  Many thanks to all of you that had a part in organizing the weekend festivities.  Hopefully there will be a 45th, 50th, ........  Take care and best wishes to everyone.

08/16/10 09:56 AM #3    


Paula Taylor (Converse)

Good to see you all at the Hilltop. Special thanks to Gary and Iliana for offering a ride and a great invite Friday night to make the dinner!!!! Also spsecial thanks to Thom for taking the time to see if i could still go to dinner, and a Big Thank You for the ride up and back....To all, don't drink and drive, it isn't worth the trip......Hey Ed and misfit, opps, Barb (LOL) was a lots of fun sitting with you, your girlfiends a trip....You too Scott, wow almost didn't recognize you with the silver hair!!!!

I must say though, didn't some of the 70's music want to make your pants get up and dance. Hope more of you join in next time....,we're not really old yet, i'll never admit to it. I'm a toys r us kid, I don't want to grow up!!!! take care all ,Paula



08/16/10 12:55 PM #4    


Gary McCallum

Thanks to all involved for organizing a great reunion. 

The reunion committee for their planning and  choice of event locations.  Thom Jennings for his technical expertise with the website, invaluable!  And last but not least,  Bill Knapp for opening his fabulous home for brunch.

Hope to see everyone in five years for the 45th.

08/17/10 09:16 AM #5    


Scott Poley

I can't thank enough that regular core of people that always makes sure we have a reunion. There are many classes have just faded away because no one made the effort. And Sue, as our senior class prez, you've been abused too long so I do promise to help out and maybe even play MC next time around.

I always have a great time and look forward to the 45th!

08/19/10 02:40 PM #6    


Thom Jennings

Scott, I'm glad you said that.  I was going to suggest we recruit the sophomore and junior year presidents to emcee the next reunion and let Sue sit in the audience and throw tomatoes.  (or whatever she wants to throw.)  Weren't you and Paul Wood the class presidents the other two years?  I'm going to have to look it up if you won't confess.  <grin> 

To all, it was a great time.  I'm going to open a discussion in the User Forums for suggestions on things we might be able to incorporate for the 45th Reunion and hopefully get more people involved.  Many hands makes for light work.  


09/27/10 09:42 PM #7    

Roger Hynes

Thanks Thom, for contacting me, and prompting me to log in to the SHS, site. TTU soon Roger Hynes


11/26/10 09:39 AM #8    


Paula Taylor (Converse)

Happy 25th Birthday Gary, lol was going to post yesterday, but system was down. hope u enjoyed!!!!! take care Paula Converse...u coming to elmira again,,,sry bout ur dad

07/10/13 07:55 PM #9    

Beverly Jean Lewis

Paul Mccartney is a GREAT show-saw him in Austin ,Tx Spring 2013 and must say, one of the BEST concerts i have ever seen-no kidding!! at least i remember this show/not like Summer Jam in Watkins in the 70's when that guy parachuted to death and they were selling pop for 5 dollars  or a hit of Mescalin' for a drink of water- i didnt even know what that was back then. how does this forum work?..cheers to Thom Jennings  in Alaska-cant wait to visit Elmira Sept 17-Sept 30     BevLewis

05/04/15 06:48 AM #10    


Jacalyn Eldridge

Classmates of 1970,

Can't wait to see everyone in August.

06/05/15 04:26 AM #11    

Terry McLaughlin

I want to take a few minutes to thank my fellow classmates that havw sent my wife and I so many prayers andwelllness thoughts.and help getting to appointments etc.  It has really carried us through this most difficult time of our lives.  Ellen is so amazing.  I have had a walk in the park compared to what she has had to endure.   Things are beginning to look not quite as dire as first diagnosed. It still isn't great, but, this monster I have hasn't met the likes of me before.  My fellow classmates of 1970 are/have been so amazing.  I know everyone believes that their individual class is the best ever,  but there cannot be any doubt that 1970 SSH is it.

Sorry to leave so may holes in the message,    I'll fill in at the reunion.  onsidering that will be beyond the time frame of the prognosis I was given thisd past February, I look forwark to that.


Eternally greatful,    Terry Mclaughlin

06/06/15 09:28 AM #12    


Jim Templeton (Templeton)

Terry, I called a while back and left a message.  Wasn't sure what your situation was after that so I didn't leave additional messages. My sister told me that she had seen you after that call and that all seemed to be well.  Love to talk to you again but don't want to call at inconvenient times.  You have my number.  Please call if you get a chance.  We look forward to seeing you sometime soon.  Keep doing what you're doing.  Your attitude remains remarkable.  Take care and hope to talk to you soon.

06/11/15 10:34 AM #13    


Theresa White (Swiatowy)

Terry sending Big Hugs to you and your family ~~~you will beat this monster !!!! If you ever need anything I am available so feel free to contact me.  

The reunion committee is working hard on the 45th reunion.  Hope to see everyone there smileyIf you have any questions here is a list of the committee and feel free to contact them:

Theresa Cunningham, Bev Lewis, Sally MacNeal, Bill Knapp, Beverly George, Theresa White Swiatowy, and Cherie Mayer.

Thom has given us this great site to keep in touch and if there is anyone on Facebook we also have a group site there ~~~Elmira Southside High School 1970.  

The Reunion will be August 22 at Rounding 3 Regal on the Miracle Mile, 6-7 is cah bar, dinner is at 7PM. The cost is $25.00 per person.  Sunday morning Bill Knapp is hosting a brunch at 10:30 am at his home, the cost is $15.00 per person.

Reservations must be in and paid for by August 1st. Payment can be made to Thom on this site at a 3% fee or directly to Sally MacNeal or Bill Knapp~~~Bill also has a paypal at

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer ( I know the people still living in Elmira are after the terrible winter we had). Stay Healthy and Safe, Theresa White Swiatowy


07/17/15 04:59 AM #14    


Scott Poley

Little did I realize that my off the cuff remark five years ago would come back to haunt me, lol! I arrived late to this party, I'm embarrassed to say, but I'm happy to help out in any way I can. Agreeing to emcee the event reminded me of when my buddies decided to form a softball team in the Elmira Men's City League 32 years ago. I had never played softball (except in gym), so they made me the pitcher. We won a total of 2 games over the following 3 years. We finally figured out that if we started our own golf league instead, then one of us would win every week! 29 years later the Suds League is stil going strong. 

Hats off to the core group of alumni that pull this off every five years for the rest of us. And those of you that are waffling about attending, get your ass in gear and sign up. If you're still local and not pushing up daisies, take this opportunity to see old friends again. We won't have that many chances in the future.

Gettin' old ain't for sissies.

07/18/15 07:47 AM #15    


Gary R Kaiser

Class of 1970,

Sorry Iliana and I will not be attending the reunion in 2015. We have relatives flying in from Europe and are traveling to Kauai, Hawaii that week.

Cheers to all and have a great time! Hope to see you 'all' alive and kicking next time!!!... Cheers


Gary Kaiser

08/23/15 05:44 AM #16    


Jim Templeton (Templeton)

Another fine job by the entire committee in putting together another great gathering.  We can only hope that the there is a 50th and that milestone will attract an even larger crowd.  Our thanks to all who were involved in organizing and it was great to see many "old" friends.

08/24/15 06:58 AM #17    


Brenda Forrest

I could not agree more with Jim's response to our reunion.  I had the best time ever and it was so nice to have so many of us come and enjoy each other.  Again, good job to all who did the organizing.  Already looking forward to our milestone ''50th''.

Brenda Forrest

08/24/15 10:29 AM #18    


Joan Aumick (Kastner)

I attended my first reunion!  Bill's Brunch.  Such a nice experience!  Joan Aumick Kastner

08/25/15 07:08 AM #19    


Scott Poley

Seemed like a pretty boisterous crowd for a bunch of old farts, lol. Loved the fact that we had first timers there and they enjoyed themselves, so I'm betting that the word gets out and we have a really strong showing for our 50th. Kudos to the reunion committee for another great event (I came in at the tail end after all the work was done, lol).

If you'll have me, I'll do the emcee job again, unless anyone else wants to give it a go in which case I will cheerfully step aside.  There's always room for improvement, but I had fun doing it. (I still have 8 jokes I didn't use, lol, so I'm saving them.)

08/25/15 01:51 PM #20    

Gary Materne

Gary Materne

45 Renunion 

        While it may have been a fine get together. I unfortunately had to leave just before 8. However regarding the $25 a head I hope whatever may have taken place after I left was worth it. As for the dinner I was very disappointed. No condiments on any tables. The food well, the chicken was so overdone I thought I was  eating chicken jerky, potatoes weren’t cooked, meatballs were hard, steamed veggies were stone cold (at least I think they were supposed to be at least warm),  and whatever they had for help I found less than helpful.

       The last reunion was great - no complaints at all. If there is a fiftieth, I hope it’s not at Rounding Third again.  Not saying the commite did any wrong here, I just think Rounding Third dropped the ball big time.

08/26/15 12:54 AM #21    


David Mills

As a "visitor" every 5 yrs to your class reunion, I must say that I have never had. a bad time.Graduating from a other local HS, I have only known of one of their reunions and if I had to choose one over the other, I would choose yours. There have been changes and some prime people have passed on, the greatest change I noticed  is that the party is ending earlier and earlier each time. Gone are the days that a collection is taken for " the band to play on" till 2 AM but the experience is still good. See you in five, God willing!

Sheila Finnell Mills, wif of David Mills

08/26/15 07:20 AM #22    


Jacalyn Eldridge

Just want to say "THANKS" to the committee and other members who worked so hard to bring us together after 45 years and make our reunion such a success.  A labor of love for sure.  We are blessed to have each other and to be making great memories still!   Hope to see all at the 50th if not before.  Jackie

08/26/15 04:25 PM #23    


Frank Messina

Congratulations to the reunion commitee for puting together a fine evening.

I must admit disappointment at our last event at Hill Top. I was underwelmed with the total lack of organization on the restaurant's part. And as for the food...well, lets just say it all left me with a bad taste for future reunions.

After some convincing from Bill Collins to give it another chance I reluctantly decided to attend. And, to my surprize, it erased my negative thoughts of the 40th. I can now look forward to the milestone 50th.

It was a pleasure visiting with all my former classmates, and especially teammates. My only regret...I had to leave a bit early do to being a little under the weather.

Again, my thanks to all who worked so hard puting our evening together. See you in 2020.

09/12/15 03:07 AM #24    


Gary McCallum

Once again another succesful and most enjoyable reunion.  Thanks to all who played a part in organizing such an entertaining event!  We may be getting older but we stilll know how to enjoy ourselves.  Hope the 50th sees us all still here and ready for another party.  Bye for now from "The Land Downunder"

10/04/18 07:48 AM #25    


Bruce None (Campbell)

I have updated my facebook home page with a photo slide show presentation of "Bruce Campbell's 2018 Race Events Photo Slide Show". I am interested to have contacts from other Elmira Southside High School Class of 1970 graduates. Please send me (Bruce B Campbell in Mansfield, PA) a friends request on facebook. If you do send a friends request include a note that you are a Elmira SHS 1970 graduate. 



God bless  you.

Bruce B Campbell

03/22/20 12:02 PM #26    


Caryl Holly (Cammer)

I recently moved and in the moving process lost my high school folder from Home Ec class. It had a recipe for a Bisquick dessert pineapple pizza in it and my grandson has requested it. Anyone else by any chance still have the recipe?

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