In Memory

Roger Hynes

Roger Hynes -  July 1951- May 2014
Roger arrived in Elmira from Albany, Georgia during the summer of 1968 and started attending Southside High School.  During his junior year he participated in the play West Side Story, a huge hit for the class.

In 1971, he and the former Sherryl Parker were married and started a family.  They had 3 children together.  Roger moved to Ithaca where he was a volunteer firefighter in Cayuga Heights.  He later moved back to Georgia and eventually to Florida where he worked as a corrections officer and achieved the rank of sergeant.

After being diagnosed with the terminal disease Scleroderma, Roger moved to Arizona on doctors recommendation that the dry warm climate might be better for his health.

Roger is survived by his sister, Roxanne Orme, former spouses Sherryl and Tammie, and five children Stacey, Erin, Bria, Harlan and Stephanie.