SHS Class of 1970-To Reunion or Not to Reunion

Our 50th (plus 1) reunion is scheduled for September 25 at the Elmira Country Club.  We must confirm or postpone/cancel the event by May 30.  In order to make the best decision we are asking you to answer a few easy survey questions.  The survey will take less than 2 minutes to complete and you'll find it in the left green column under "To Reunion or Not to Reunion".   

At this time (April 23), the Elmira Country Club is able to host events with 100-150 people.  Attendees are required to wear a mask when not eating and social distancing is required.  Consider these rules are still in effect by the State of NY, when you answer question 1.  

In order to guarantee our event is a success and we not lose money, we must have approximately 75 paid reservations by May 30.  Reservations must be made through the class web site using a credit card for payment.  The reservations application will open on May 5 if we see significant positive responses to this survey.  

Estimated cost for the dinner event is:  $75.00 per person.  If there are not enough paid reservations, the event will be cancelled/postponed.  We will continue to take reservations after the May 30 deadline but only if there are enough people willing to commit by then so we can go forward.  If we are forced to cancel prior to May 30 any paid money will be refunded or held for the postponed date.  

Special consideration is needed by visitors from a non-contiguous state.  While quarantine seems no longer mandatory, there is a “suggested” protocol to follow which includes a covid test 3 days after arrival in NYS and a health question survey.  Read the full details here:

IF WE DO CANCEL/POSTPONE for 2021, we will reschedule for 2022 and call it the "Class of 70 turns 70".  We will not let covid defeat us!  

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1)   * Given the current status of the covid virus and current restrictions on gatherings by the State of New York, do you, to the best of your knowledge, plan to attend?

2)   Regarding attending, if you said "Maybe, depends on Covid restrictions" What has to happen to give you the comfort knowing you can attend safely?

3)   Have you been to either of the last two reunions?

Yes No
The last two were the 40th and 45th held in 2010 & 2015
4)   Do you live in the local area?

  Yes, within 20 miles of Elmira
  Yes, within 100 miles of Elmira
  Yes, within 200 miles of Elmira
  No, farther than 200 miles.