Tamara (Tammy) Stone Lipscomb

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Tamara (Tammy) Stone
Residing In: Montrose, WV USA
Spouse/Partner: Jerry
Occupation: Retired teacher
Children: Joanna, born 1977
Aleena, born 1985 (deceased October 12, 2011)
Joshua, born August 22, 1994
Eli, More…born 1999
Preston, born 2002
Tamara (Tammy) Stone


Yes! Attending Reunion

After starting college at Corning Community, I then transferred to Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, where I got my B.A. in English/Education. I completed my M.A.in Communication at West Virginia University, and I officially became a "Mountaineer". We are avid WVU fans and go to many of the football games in Morgantown, WV. I retired from teaching school in 2009. I had 33 years in with most of my time being spent teaching in middle school. During my final year of teaching, I was able to get grants that totaled over $300,000, for the school where I taught. During that time I was blessed to become friends with Doris Buffet, Warren Buffet's older sister. She was instrumental in donating funding to my school that totaled over $200,000, and we have remained friends since that time.
I have sons, who are the same age as two of my granddaughters: 13 and 16, but that's okay because it helps keep my husband and myself young and crazy. My husband and I hope we will be around long enough to see our sons get through college and become productive citizens.
We enjoy traveling and try to spend at least two weeks each summer at the beach in North Topsail, NC. This summer we are planning on a family adventure, that is a mission trip with our church to the jungles of Puerto Rico.
Last year's reunion was really fun, and I hope some more classmates can join us for the next one in 2020. (Does that seem possible---we graduated 50 years ago?)
I am grateful for the salvation I have received through Jesus Christ. His love for me has made me realize what the truly important things in life really are.

School Story:

I remember all the fun we had going to and from the football games on Friday nights. Back in those days it was safe to walk the "mean" streets of Elmira.
I often think of the many wonderful friends from the Hardy and Broadway school days as well.
We lived in such a tumultuous,yet wonderfully exciting time. When you try to tell kids today about it they can't imagine how truly different it really was.
And then there were RJ Linaugh, Mr. Stenson, Mr. Johnson, and all of the other teachers who left so many impressions on us. I remember Mr. Johnson's friend "Marvin the Mauller" (his paddle) and Chris Sherwood's affection for " Marvin".
What a great time we had decorating those cars on Junior and Senior Days. Do they still do that?
How could you ever forget all of those tissue flowers you had to make to cover your car?

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How is my former fellow Girl Scout? Hope you are coming to the reunion. I'd love to see you.

Jul 28, 2015 at 6:44 PM

Hi, John, hope this finds you well. Are you coming to the reunion? Actually, I don't live too far from you; I am in the mountains of West Virginia.

Jul 24, 2015 at 11:41 AM
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Hey, former "Girl Scout" friend, great to see you here. Are you coming to the reunion? It would be wonderful to see you, so I hope you can make it.

Jun 02, 2015 at 2:33 AM

Hey, Keith, how are you? Sure hope you can make it to the reunion, I would love to see you and talk after all these years. I hope things are well with you. Sincerely, Tammy

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Hey, girl, I recognize that smile. How are you? I hope you are coming to the reunion in August. I have been to several, and they are quite fun. I would really like to see you. Let me hear from you. A lot of time has passed since the Corning Community College days.
Sincerely, Tammy

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